SAM Toolbox – standardised license data collection in baseline project


To collect and evaluate licenses in a baseline project, SAM consulting makes use of a tool set, developed specially for this purpose. As a result, the followings are possible:

  • Standardised, transparent and traceable capture of licenses
  • Drill down from ELP(Effective Licensing Positions) positions to the relevant starting invoice.
  • Secured revisions or audit
  • Dividing the project steps into collection, research, plausibility and balancing to corresponding qualified and available consultants
  • - Easy re-certification process(ELP of previous year as basis with the collection and evaluation of only the Delta from the previous year)
The collection of licenses and the deployment of licenses flow any time into the temporary “Effective Licensing Position” ELP. At the end of the collection, plausibility check and allocation of licenses(Downgrades, Upgrades, Virtualisation and others), the tool box can be used as a status document. The summarised license stock can then be used as templates to complete a license management tool. In this way the SAM toolbox ensures that the basic requirement from software manufacturers about the documentation of license assignment is met.




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The SAM toolbox offers a practical assistance of baseline projects
and presents a base for the realisation of Quick Wins.