SAM Trainings - Take advantage of our know-how!


If your Software Asset Management is to function usefully, you will need the adequate Know-How in your firm. This is because you must be able to direct and control the daily activities, be it during a project or in normal daily situations:

Our customers benefit from the experience of our highly trained consultants. They have all conducted many projects and have witnessed many scenarios so that they can properly empathize with the challenges of each proje.
Of course they can also be engaged to appear as Speakers, e.g. for Microsoft License Professional Trainings or License Management Workshops.

Please feel free to select from our offerings: seminars, workshops which will cover all your requirements and provide sustainable solutions for your company!

Training courses of Microsoft products and licensing contracts
(Download booklet)

Software Asset Management-Workshop
Using licenses optimally in order to reduce software cost
(Download booklet)

Workshop for Future technology
Planning a strategic IT technology platform of your IT manufacturer (Microsoft, IBM or Oracle). Planning period is 3 years.

Workshops for Licensing and contracts
Training on forms of licensing and contracts for Microsoft and Oracle products.

Workshop for optimisation
Optimisation of technology and licensing portfolios

Workshop for contracts
Planning the optimal licensing and agreement models

Contract audit and preparation for negotiation
Audit of agreement offers and suggestion of alternative contracts.

Workshop for SAM-tool evaluation
Drawing up a corresponding requirements Profile for SAM-tool based on your needs, choice of manufacturer and implementation.



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